Characteristics of Current Cannabis Use in Illinois

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Most cannabis users, both recreational and medical, smoke, use edibles, or vape oils or liquids.


A large majority of Illinois residents ages indicated they had ever used and received a prescription for cannabis indicated they had used cannabis to manage mental health symptoms with the most common mental health symptoms being anxiety, depression, and PTSD/Trauma.


Characteristics of individuals that indicated either any past month use or use greater than 20 days in the past month include being male, lesbian/ gay, Black Non-Hispanic, 18-35 years old, having completed high school/GED or some college, and living in poverty.


Past-year Illinois cannabis users tend to believe that legally purchased cannabis is safer to buy and use, more convenient, and is of better quality; however, a majority indicate that legal cannabis is more expensive than illegal cannabis.

Characteristics of Current Cannabis Use in Illinois:

  • Modes of Use
  • Mental Health
  • Past Month Use
  • Past Year Users Perceptions - Legal v Illegal