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Health & Social Care

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Area of Research

— Legalization

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Introduction to Cannabis Legalization in Illinois and the U.S.

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— Dispensaries and Revenue

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Dispensary Licensing, Sales and Revenues by Medical / Recreational

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— Use Incidence and Prevalence

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Trends in Illinois Cannabis Use Incidence and Prevalence

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“.. the enormous changes in rates of self-reported cannabis use, particularly of daily or near-daily use, suggest that changes in actual use have been considerable...”

“It is striking that high-frequency cannabis use is now more commonly reported than is high-frequency drinking.”

See: Changes in self-reported cannabis use in the United States from 1979 to 2022



Adult Cannabis Sales 2022

90 Dispensaries

Licensed Dispensaries for Illinois 2022

18yr — 25yr

Most Frequent Usage Age Group

— Special Populations

Prevalence Trends for Special Populations

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— Use in Illinois

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Characteristics of Current Cannabis Use in Illinois

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— Medical Use

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Medical Cannabis Use and Benefits

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Cannabis Users

As of 2021, just over half (53.5%) of Illinois cannabis users continue to purchase some or all of their cannabis from a non-legal source.

See 'Cannabis and the Criminal Justice System'

— Use Disorder and Treatment

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Cannabis Use Disorder and Treatment

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— Public Health

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Public Health

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— Justice System

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Cannabis and the Justice System

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— Trending / Spotlight Research


— Annual Project Reports

Update: A revised report has been posted that corrects technical errors but not the substantive conclusions expressed in the original 2023 report. Details on the changes and review process are provided in the preface to the revised report as well as in an addendum.

Each year in August, as required by statute (410 ILCS 705/55-80), an annual report is produced and submitted to the Illinois Adult Use Cannabis Health Advisory Committee. This committee reports to and advises the Governor's Office on cannabis policy. The annual report summarizes the evaluation project findings of the past-year public health effects of legalizing recreational cannabis. Downloadable copies of the most recent (2022-2023) and previous annual reports in pdf format are available below.

  • Annual Report 2022 - 2023

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  • Annual Report 2021 - 2022

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  • Annual Report 2020 - 2021

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